Via Peuceta english short guide now available!

We’re glad to announce the release of the first english version of the Via Peuceta handbook!
It’s a brief vademecum for all the travellers and pilgrims who can’t speak italian and would like to embark on a journey through the Southern Italy and its beauty.

A 170 kilometers route inside the cultural heritage of Apulia and Basilicata made of cathedrals, medieval villages, cave churches, greek and roman remains, throughout the typical landscape made of masserie from now publicly available for english speaking people.

This short travel guide it’s a non-professional paper, symphatize with it and if needed send an e-mail to for questions, proofreadings and suggestions.

Download it here.

In addition to this file and its constant updates, you’ll find the GPX tracks in the download area of the website.

Buon cammino!


La Credenziale

La Credenziale è una sorta di "passaporto" che attesta lo status di viaggiatore lento. All'interno della credenziale, il pellegrino avrà inoltre cura di far apporre i sigilla, o timbri, che attestano il suo passaggio nelle varie tappe del cammino.

Richiedi credenziale